Newsletter (1st February 2019)

After a few months of “absence”, we return with a newsletter to update you on some important news!


The game will be produced and presented at Play 2019 at our stand in the historic BG pavilion!

So we will start collecting pre-order money and keep the campaign open until February 28th!

There will be the possibility of withdrawing the game directly to Play fair and then you can save shipping costs!


The game is in production. Perhaps we will have a slight delay of a few days.

To the last ones who have not yet paid the pre-order, we remember that the deadline is February 5th. Also check the spam in case you missed our mail!

PLAY 2019

Yes, we will have a stand in the historic BG pavilion, with the possibility to try out our games (Baroque and 1883).

Also in the coming weeks we will propose a series of offerings regarding board games, with direct withdrawal in Play to save shipping costs!

Stay tuned!

Newsletter (6th November 2018)

Welcome back everyone with this new update!


Finally we decided to start its production!

While we are still verifying the last draft of all the components, we are also starting to co-ordinate with the printer to begin with the final printing.

For all of you who has already pre-ordered the copy of the game, shortly you will receive an e-mail with all the payment details.

For who hasn’t pre-ordered a copy yet, we are pleased to inform you that the pre-order campaign will still be active up to 30th of November.

In the meantime, enjoy these new and never-seen-before “sneak peeks” of the components!


This project is experiencing some delays. We are completing the final graphic art and everything will be finished by the new year, before you might expect… So, it’s never too late to pre-order your copy!

Wars Across the World

In November we will start to complete the final graphic art for all of the 4 games and we are receiving pre-orders also from retail shops which are very interested at this product. Furthermore we are preparing the pre-view to the system to better show you these titles.

So, take advantage of the pre-order campaign while it’s still on-going!

Aleph Game Studio and Dissimula Edizioni

We are proud to announce you the beginning of a collaboration with Sergio Schiavi, the author of the brilliant Radetzky’s March, to realize co-
production projects.

From our side, we will produce these two titles together:



Wars Across the World: Pre-Orders

Welcome back everyone!

As promised in our previous announcement, today we launch the pre-order campaign of the first 4 titles of the new Aleph Pocket Series dedicated to War Across the World by Stéphane Parrin.

In the last newsletter we told you that the first 4 titles will be:















Players: 2
Duration of play: 60 to 110 minutes
Series Rulebook (draft): clic here

For each title, the target goal of pre-order needed for production is fixed to 150 copies.

Your purchase costs though will change according to the number of titles you pre-order:
– 1 title: 22€
– 2 or 3 titles: 20€ each
– all the 4 titles: 18€ each.

Shipping costs will be as follows (for 1 to 4 units):

  • Italy: 8€
  • Europe: 18€
  • USA, Canada and Overseas: 25€

Every title will be published in a slimbox which contains:

  • 1 A3 format Map
  • 36 playing Cards
  • 1 countersheet with 108 counters
  • 1 Battle Card
  • 1 16-pages Basic Rules book in colours
  • 1 4-pages Specific Rules book in colours

So Hurry up guys! Order your copy!

In the next weeks we will give you a closer look on each title…..Keep in touch!!!!

Wars Across the World

Greetings everyone!

Here at Aleph Game Studio we are always trying to come up with something new to offer.

This time “this something new” is called “Aleph Pocket Series” and before going wherever you’re planning to spend your summer holidays, we would like to share with you what it is all about.

Aleph Game Studio is proud to announce the beginning of a co-operation with Philippe Thibaut (the author of boardgame titles such as “La Grande Guerre” or the most famous grand-strategy “Europa Universalis”) and Stéphane Parrin (Strategiae).

The first step to initiate the Aleph Pocket Series will be the production of the tabletop version of some titles from Wars Across the World, a famous videogames series developed by Stéphane Parrin.

This series distinguishes itself by having basic rules common to all titles plus a few additional dedicated rules for each scenario. The uniqueness of this game system is its speed: all the titles can be played in less than two hours, without leaving behind its brilliant gameplay perception.

Each title will be produced in a “slim box” where inside you will find:

  • 1 “A3” format map;
  • 36 play cards;
  • A counter sheet with 108 game counters;
  • 1 Battle Card;
  • 1 16-pages Basic Rules book in colours;
  • 1 4-pages Specific Rules book in colours.

By the last week of August we will prepare the pre-orders campaign for the first 4 Titles which we would like to publish:

  • Hamilkar 264 B.C.: The First Punic War in Sicily;
  • Tannenberg 1914: The Opening Campaign on the Eastern Front in World War 1;
  • Normandy 1944: The Greatest Military Operation ever done;
  • Six Days 1967: The Blitzkrieg in the Middle East.

Our plans for “Aleph Pocket Series” is to publish 4 titles per year!














Happy summer holidays everyone!

1883: Shipping costs & Rulebook

Good morning to everyone!

After the first week, 1883 has reached 127 preorders!

Some customers have requested information about bulk of games orders, so we have decided the following policy on pre-order prices and shipping costs:

– at least 6 preordered games: 53 € a piece

– at least 12 preordered games: 50 € a piece


6+ games: 15-20 €
12+ games: 25-30 €

6+ games: 50-60 €
12+ games: 110-115 €

6+ games: 65-70 €
12+ games: 120-125 €

The shipping costs range indicates a possible future inflation. At the moment of shipment, the costs will be calculated more precisely and it could be lesser than the one expected.

We have quickly edited the rulebook we used in final playtests.
There is a lot to do, but the mechanics are all fixed.

RULEBOOK 1883 ENGLISH (playtest draft)

Enjoy the reading!

Build railways in Northern Italy!

As promised, today starts the pre-order campaign for 1883!

Manlio Manzini (1841) takes us to the Northern Italy of 1883, the year before the Government approved a law that allowed the birth of small local railway companies in order to improve connections in the peninsula.
In 1883 the provinces of Reggio Emilia and Modena are full of small, disconnected and isolated tracks.

Players: 2-4
Game time: 4 hours






In this new game, inspired by the very famous 18XX series, from 2 to 4 rail barons will compete to earn money and build the best bonds portfolio investing and operating on the Italian railway system from 1845 to 1945.

Will you be able to improve the railway network in this part of the Padana Plain by connecting  the most remote towns in the Emilian Apennines with the Great River Po?







From today you will be able to pre-order your own copy of 1883 at the price of €55 by clicking the following link.

Shipment costs:

  • Italy: €8
  • Europe: €18
  • ConUS & Canada: €25

For other destinations, please feel free to contact us; we will find the best solution for you!










The box of 1883 contains:

  • 1 55x69cm mounted map;
  • 6 counters sheets;
  • 9 Companies Cards;
  • 183 cards including: Locomotives of that time, Bonds Certificates, Events, Political Endorsements;
  • Currency Notes printed/customized with that Era graphics contents;
  • Player Aid Sheets for Objectives and Game Phases;
  • 1 32-page color Rulebook;
  • 1 10-sided die.

In order to produce the game, the pre-order phase has “made-the-cut” target of at least 200 copies.

So what are you waiting for….Get on board to get your copy!!!


Newsletter (20th June 2018)

Welcome back everyone! After a few months of intense work, we’re back with some important updates about our ongoing productions.

But let’s take a step at a time and have a look at the two titles that will be available on pre-order very soon:


Our first title by the great Richard H. Berg is essentially ready!  By the end of June and the first days of July the pre-orders “campaign” will commence so you will have all the information about this title and a little sneak peek at some of  its components!
But for now, just take a look at the amazing cover picture created by
Jessica Prando:


Our first title inspired by the 18XX series is in its final art phase, so by the second-half of July we will start the pre-orders phase.

Take a look a our other future projects:


About this project, we are evaluating together with the authors several options for its publication. It is not an abandoned project, on the contrary, we strongly believe in this promising title!


After several intense playtests, the author decided to go back to work on the game system, so this title is going to take longer to publish.

We at Aleph, however, are not working only on the immediate present, but we have started to lay some foundations for other future projects! Let’s have a look at some of them:


Other than Baroque, The Glory that Was Greece and 1813 – Glory’s End, the will to co-operate with this author continues and we signed agreements for other two of his titles that will be produced in 2019 (or maybe even before!):
– Conquistador, 2nd Edition: a new edition of the SPI classic Conquistador;
– Magenta and Solferino, 2nd Edition (the two battles included inside Risorgimento 1859, by GMT).

THE teasER CORNER (part 1)

What we can tell you is that we are going to start an intense playtesting of some titles of a very famous French author from the past, who has decided to come back in the wargames production, but with a modern approach. Without spoiling anything more, we are going to start for the moment with:
– a series of titles, with a common set of rules, inspired by a videogame series;
– a title about the barbaric invasions in Europe, inspired by the legendary title Britannia.
There will be a third title in the pipeline, but it’s still too early to talk about this one… sorry!

THE teasER CORNER (part 2)

We are also organizing a playtesting of very, very interesting wargame by a very talented Italian author.
You should have already guessed something with all the information we gave to you guys, right? No? Well…

What can we say is to just keep in touch for the next news!

Happy gaming folks!

Newsletter (5th October 2017)

Good morning everyone!

Aleph Game Studio is proud to announce its first eurogame: Metras!

The pre-order will be active until Sunday the 14th of January 2018 and the game will be produced once it reaches 500 pre-orders!

We are very pleased to publish this little jewel created by Eletria Games, for which a dedicated page on BoardGameGeek already exists. You can even try the 3 to 4 players version of this game on TableTopia.

The version that will be published will have the 2-players expansion so you can play together with the vitiated Son of the Emperor!

Pre-order price: € 31 + shipment costs.

Among the shipment options within Italy there is also the possibility to pick the game up directly at Associazione Ludica NoFerPlei in Reggio Emilia or at PLAY 2018!

Everyone is kindly invited to read our Pre-order conditions at the “Pre-Orders” page of our website!

Here are some presentations of the game:

Newsletter (4th August 2017)

Hello everyone!

Aleph Game Studio will be closed (except for contacts and pre-orders) for summer holidays to freshen up our brains for new ideas/projects, but we cannot leave you all without some hot news… so you can play from September!


Distributors and Retailers who may want to get in touch with us for our products, please visit the distributors link on our web page.

Dego & Raab

This is a little status update for our first 2 products and remember: They are in promotion ‘til August the 20th!!!

Just a little reminder for next September:

  • On September the 2nd there will be a presentation of both titles during the “Ferrara Ad Pugnam” Convention, which will be held in Ferrara (Northern Italy);
  • On September the 4th all the pre-ordered titles will be finally sent to every customer!

Titles pre-orders status update:

Dego – 4 pre-orders (+2 pre-orders since last newsletter)

Dego Deluxe – 33 pre-orders (+16 pre-orders since last newsletter)

Montecuccoli on the Raab – 43 pre-orders (+20 pre-orders since last newsletter)


Aleph Game Studio will publish this title designed by Eletria Games! It is a great pleasure for us to have this opportunity to publish this beautiful game.  It is not a wargame, but an eurogame with a high interaction between players and very fast to play.


In the next September Issue there will be more news about the pre-order “campaign”!

Next in the pipeline (last, but not least)

Starting from next September we will work on these 3 new titles with the aim to publish them during 2018.



Enjoy your holidays!!!