Newsletter (15th June 2020)

Welcome back everyone!

We present Parma 1734, a game by Enrico Acerbi (Durchbruch, Moravian Sun, published by Acies Edizioni), which starts its pre-order campaign from today!

Parma 1734 is a simulation of the Battle of Parma (also known as the Battle of San Pietro or della Crocetta) which took place on 29th June 1734 during the Polish War of Succession.
In this game you will be able to experience how the 18th century battles took place at a level of battalion detail.
In addition to the complete battle, there is also an introductory scenario on the clash of the avant-gardes, useful for learning the game system.

Parma 1734 is a game for 2 players lasting about 5 hours for the complete battle or about 2 hours for the introductory scenario.

The map is being developed by Sergio Schiavi (Radetzky’s March, From Salerno to Rome). In the following image you can see the map used for the playtest.

Inside the box you will find:

1      Game map, dim. 59×84 cm
2      Player Aids
6      Scenario Card (with setup and reinforcement)
3    Countersheet
1      10-sided die
1      Rulebook

The pre-order price is € 35, while the retail price will be € 49.

Shipping costs, set according to the weight of the game, are already set. If they do not appear in the pre-order (your country is not listed), contact us and we will provide you with the best offer for your shipment.

NOTE: if you have already pre-ordered La Belle Époque we will send you both games in one solution, so don’t worry if shipping costs are also indicated for this pre-order. You will only pay the shipping costs once.

Important: all the materials shown in this preview are playtest files. The final version may differ from what is shown.

Newsletter (28th April 2020)

Welcome back everyone! We hope that you are well in this difficult period.

We are pleased to introduce you to La Belle Époque, a game by Paolo Carraro (Montecuccoli on the Raab, Nonantola) that starts its pre-order campaign from today!

In the 1880s, a period of apparent peace had just begun in Europe.

Great Britain, Central Empires, France and Russia now challenge each other for domination of the last colonies. Powers no longer fought on the battlefields, but in diplomatic salons.

Colonial expansion, international prestige, development of armaments and alliances with other minor nations will be the instruments of their success, but everything will end with the outbreak of the First World War.

La Belle Époque is a game for 1-4 players lasting 2-3 hours.

Inside the box you will find:

1 Mounter mapboard
4 Power Sheets
4 Automated Powers Sheets
4 Playing Aids
2 Card Manifests
25 Event Cards
16 National Cards (4 per Power)
28 Intrigue Cards
92 Counters
1 Sheet of labels for the cubes of the minor nations
160 Power Cubes (40 per Power)
33 Cubes of Minor Nations in white, on which the relative labels will be affixed
20 Armaments Cubes, black color
1 Bunch of banknotes
1 6-sided die
1 Rulebook

In addition, 4 promotional cards will be included in the box for free for the pre-order campaign:

1 Event Card: Dreyfuss Affair
3 Intrigue Cards (the Universal Exposition, the War of Spies and the emerging Minor Powers)

The pre-order price is € 49, while the final price will be € 65.

Shipping costs, set according to the weight of the game, are already set. If they do not appear in the pre-order (your country is not listed), contact us and we will provide you with the best offer for your shipment.

Note: all materials shown in this preview are final drafts. The final version may slightly differ from what is shown.

Newsletter (20th December 2019)

Welcome back everyone and we hope you enjoy this update on our next products and projects!



Our next production will be this exciting title from Paolo Carraro, which will be set between the end of 1800s and the beginning of 1900s, just before the First World War

This game, for 2-4 players and with a duration of about 3 hours, will be also our first project on Kickstarter.

In La Belle Epoque players will take on the role of one of the 4 Great Powers of that period (France, Russia, Great Britain and the Central Empires) to form alliances, conquer the last Colonies and trying not to stay behind in the race for new technologies and armaments. Only one thing will stop you: the break of World War 1!



Finally, also these titles produced in co-operation with Stephan Parrin’s Strategiae and the help of Philippe Thibault (Europa Universalis, La Grande Guerre) are going to be produced and distributed.

We are finishing the new graphics and the rulebook full of examples.

For our Italian customers we will provide, included in their pre-order, a copy in Italian language of the following items with no additional charges:

  • Base Rules
  • Specific Rules
  • Cards (printed on an A4 cut out sheet)



Turning now to 18XX titles, we have some news coming down the pike!



Set in India, from 1836 to 1947, this vast title introduces some new features which will be pervading in the next titles from Sergio Spaggiari and his 19XX games. We hope to get on Kickstarter by the end of 2020.



Taken into account the production problems and the mistakes we have made; we are currently working on an update kit that will be included with the production of our new 1947 title. This kit will not need any kind of sticker to be attached on the items already produced, but there will be new replacement items instead.

Furthermore, this upgrade kit will not have any additional costs for those who have already purchased the original game, in fact there will be the possibility to be shipped together with 1947 or separately with minimal shipping expenses even for those who live outside the EU.



Paolo Russo has created this little gemstone: a fully railroad title for 2-5 players with a duration of 1-2 hours, suitable for everyone, especially for those who want to try these types of games for the first time.

Location: a zoo and the acorns trafficking lead by squirrels!


1843 & 1841 Plus

After the satisfactory outcome of “1883” Manlio Manzini has come quickly back to work on a new project:

  • 1843 is set in Central Italy and in this game, we will see features present in the old title 1841, from Manlio himself, updated and modernized.
  • 1841 Plus reprises its set of the previous edition in Northern Italy, but with its updated and modernized features.

The great news about these two titles is the possibility to merge them in one big game!



As you may know, we managed to subscribe with Richard H. Berg some contracts to publish 5 of his titles. The first of these games, Baroque, have been published on April 2019. We are in touch with Mark Herman as we are discussing on how to go on.

For sure we would like to work on Conquistador 2nd Edition and we are on a new improved edition of Baroque, with better materials (and related upgrade kits for those who had purchased the first edition).

The title The Glory that was Greece at the moment has been abandoned, but it could come back again in the future together with the 2nd Edition of Baroque maybe.

Risorgimento is under a whole re-writing process for a long time, we are still working hard on its system, mainly in implementing and improving many parts of the game.

1813 Glory’s End sadly will not be published: the base material had serious problems starting from a wrong Order of Battle and a defective scale map. About this game we are evaluating its realization, but with a new system.

What is sure at the moment is that Aleph will publish a game about Leipzig.



We are currently working in the realization of two new plastic containers for card decks to insert inside the games boxes.

Their dimensions will allow to easily keeping pouched cards.

These boxes will be also suitable to use as organizers for the wooden and plastic counters of your board games!



At the same time, we are also starting to play testing several games from Italian authors who got our interest.

However, for the moment we are keeping a “ludic” secrecy!


And with this last “secret”, this is all we have for you now and for this 2019! We will come back to you with further updates on our production after the Christmas holidays. See you in 2020!!!!!

We whish you and all your beloved ones Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!

Newsletter (1st February 2019)

After a few months of “absence”, we return with a newsletter to update you on some important news!


The game will be produced and presented at Play 2019 at our stand in the historic BG pavilion!

So we will start collecting pre-order money and keep the campaign open until February 28th!

There will be the possibility of withdrawing the game directly to Play fair and then you can save shipping costs!


The game is in production. Perhaps we will have a slight delay of a few days.

To the last ones who have not yet paid the pre-order, we remember that the deadline is February 5th. Also check the spam in case you missed our mail!

PLAY 2019

Yes, we will have a stand in the historic BG pavilion, with the possibility to try out our games (Baroque and 1883).

Also in the coming weeks we will propose a series of offerings regarding board games, with direct withdrawal in Play to save shipping costs!

Stay tuned!

Newsletter (6th November 2018)

Welcome back everyone with this new update!


Finally we decided to start its production!

While we are still verifying the last draft of all the components, we are also starting to co-ordinate with the printer to begin with the final printing.

For all of you who has already pre-ordered the copy of the game, shortly you will receive an e-mail with all the payment details.

For who hasn’t pre-ordered a copy yet, we are pleased to inform you that the pre-order campaign will still be active up to 30th of November.

In the meantime, enjoy these new and never-seen-before “sneak peeks” of the components!


This project is experiencing some delays. We are completing the final graphic art and everything will be finished by the new year, before you might expect… So, it’s never too late to pre-order your copy!

Wars Across the World

In November we will start to complete the final graphic art for all of the 4 games and we are receiving pre-orders also from retail shops which are very interested at this product. Furthermore we are preparing the pre-view to the system to better show you these titles.

So, take advantage of the pre-order campaign while it’s still on-going!

Aleph Game Studio and Dissimula Edizioni

We are proud to announce you the beginning of a collaboration with Sergio Schiavi, the author of the brilliant Radetzky’s March, to realize co-
production projects.

From our side, we will produce these two titles together:



Wars Across the World: Pre-Orders

Welcome back everyone!

As promised in our previous announcement, today we launch the pre-order campaign of the first 4 titles of the new Aleph Pocket Series dedicated to War Across the World by Stéphane Parrin.

In the last newsletter we told you that the first 4 titles will be:















Players: 2
Duration of play: 60 to 110 minutes
Series Rulebook (draft): clic here

For each title, the target goal of pre-order needed for production is fixed to 150 copies.

Your purchase costs though will change according to the number of titles you pre-order:
– 1 title: 22€
– 2 or 3 titles: 20€ each
– all the 4 titles: 18€ each.

Shipping costs will be as follows (for 1 to 4 units):

  • Italy: 8€
  • Europe: 18€
  • USA, Canada and Overseas: 25€

Every title will be published in a slimbox which contains:

  • 1 A3 format Map
  • 36 playing Cards
  • 1 countersheet with 108 counters
  • 1 Battle Card
  • 1 16-pages Basic Rules book in colours
  • 1 4-pages Specific Rules book in colours

So Hurry up guys! Order your copy!

In the next weeks we will give you a closer look on each title…..Keep in touch!!!!

Wars Across the World

Greetings everyone!

Here at Aleph Game Studio we are always trying to come up with something new to offer.

This time “this something new” is called “Aleph Pocket Series” and before going wherever you’re planning to spend your summer holidays, we would like to share with you what it is all about.

Aleph Game Studio is proud to announce the beginning of a co-operation with Philippe Thibaut (the author of boardgame titles such as “La Grande Guerre” or the most famous grand-strategy “Europa Universalis”) and Stéphane Parrin (Strategiae).

The first step to initiate the Aleph Pocket Series will be the production of the tabletop version of some titles from Wars Across the World, a famous videogames series developed by Stéphane Parrin.

This series distinguishes itself by having basic rules common to all titles plus a few additional dedicated rules for each scenario. The uniqueness of this game system is its speed: all the titles can be played in less than two hours, without leaving behind its brilliant gameplay perception.

Each title will be produced in a “slim box” where inside you will find:

  • 1 “A3” format map;
  • 36 play cards;
  • A counter sheet with 108 game counters;
  • 1 Battle Card;
  • 1 16-pages Basic Rules book in colours;
  • 1 4-pages Specific Rules book in colours.

By the last week of August we will prepare the pre-orders campaign for the first 4 Titles which we would like to publish:

  • Hamilkar 264 B.C.: The First Punic War in Sicily;
  • Tannenberg 1914: The Opening Campaign on the Eastern Front in World War 1;
  • Normandy 1944: The Greatest Military Operation ever done;
  • Six Days 1967: The Blitzkrieg in the Middle East.

Our plans for “Aleph Pocket Series” is to publish 4 titles per year!














Happy summer holidays everyone!

1883: Shipping costs & Rulebook

Good morning to everyone!

After the first week, 1883 has reached 127 preorders!

Some customers have requested information about bulk of games orders, so we have decided the following policy on pre-order prices and shipping costs:

– at least 6 preordered games: 53 € a piece

– at least 12 preordered games: 50 € a piece


6+ games: 15-20 €
12+ games: 25-30 €

6+ games: 50-60 €
12+ games: 110-115 €

6+ games: 65-70 €
12+ games: 120-125 €

The shipping costs range indicates a possible future inflation. At the moment of shipment, the costs will be calculated more precisely and it could be lesser than the one expected.

We have quickly edited the rulebook we used in final playtests.
There is a lot to do, but the mechanics are all fixed.

RULEBOOK 1883 ENGLISH (playtest draft)

Enjoy the reading!

Build railways in Northern Italy!

As promised, today starts the pre-order campaign for 1883!

Manlio Manzini (1841) takes us to the Northern Italy of 1883, the year before the Government approved a law that allowed the birth of small local railway companies in order to improve connections in the peninsula.
In 1883 the provinces of Reggio Emilia and Modena are full of small, disconnected and isolated tracks.

Players: 2-4
Game time: 4 hours






In this new game, inspired by the very famous 18XX series, from 2 to 4 rail barons will compete to earn money and build the best bonds portfolio investing and operating on the Italian railway system from 1845 to 1945.

Will you be able to improve the railway network in this part of the Padana Plain by connecting  the most remote towns in the Emilian Apennines with the Great River Po?







From today you will be able to pre-order your own copy of 1883 at the price of €55 by clicking the following link.

Shipment costs:

  • Italy: €8
  • Europe: €18
  • ConUS & Canada: €25

For other destinations, please feel free to contact us; we will find the best solution for you!










The box of 1883 contains:

  • 1 55x69cm mounted map;
  • 6 counters sheets;
  • 9 Companies Cards;
  • 183 cards including: Locomotives of that time, Bonds Certificates, Events, Political Endorsements;
  • Currency Notes printed/customized with that Era graphics contents;
  • Player Aid Sheets for Objectives and Game Phases;
  • 1 32-page color Rulebook;
  • 1 10-sided die.

In order to produce the game, the pre-order phase has “made-the-cut” target of at least 200 copies.

So what are you waiting for….Get on board to get your copy!!!


Conquer the Holy Roman Empire!

As promised, from today the pre-order campaign for Baroque is starting!

Richard H. Berg (Successors III, Pax Romana, Blackbeard, Great Battles of History) has come out with another title in his decades long career, and this time he’s taking us to the 1650’s Holy Roman Empire, at the end of the 30-years War!

Players: 2-4
Playing time: 2 ½ hours (short game), 4+ hours (long game)

In Baroque you will take control of a German Princedom that is struggling for military and political supremacy, with the objective of being in a strong position for the election of the next Emperor!

You have to manage the income from the territories under your control, defend them from enemies and expand to obtain more prestige and power. You will build Cities, Fortresses, Bishoprics and Armies.

Generals, Bishops, Nobles and Architects of the era will be able to be at your side and at your service!

Which Princedom will emerge in this time of chaos?

From today it’s possible to pre-order your own copy of Baroque at the price of 49€ at the following link.

Shipping costs:

  • Italy: 7 €
  • Europe: 15 €
  • ConUS and Canada: 20 €

For other shipping regions, please feel free to contact us and we will find the best solution for you!









The box contains:

  • 1 55×88 cm map
  • 2 17mm counter sheets, for a total of 234 counters
  • 4 Cards of Major States
  • 77 cards divided in Events and Opportunity
  • 1 28-pages color Rule book, completed with an extended example of play
  • 1 6-sided die




Based on the number of pre-order (see below), other components will be added:

  • a deck of 43 State cards
  • a 55×88 cm MOUNTED map








The pre-order has a minimum goal to produce the game and further targets to add improvements:

  • Vassal (70 copies): Baroque will be produced with the basic components listed above;
  • Field Marshall (120 copies): the States cards deck will be added;
  • Prince Elector (190 copies): a MOUNTED map will be done.

So…what are you still waiting for? Hurry and get your copy!