Newsletter (06th June 2017)

Good morning to all!

Finally we’re beginning our first promotion sale for our first 2 products: Dego and Montecuccoli on the Raab.

Shipping information

Next September, 4th 2017 we will start shipping these titles.

For those Italian Customers who chose the “local pickup” as a shipping option, there are two possible locations where to pick up your copy:  to “Camelot Games” in Milan, OR during the next wargame convention  “Ferrara Ad Pugnam Convention” which will be held in Ferrara in the first weekend of September (1 to 3).

First of all these are the shipping information:

– Pickup: 0 €

– Italy: 6 €

– Europe: 14 €

– USA & Canada: 20 €

If you’re outside from these regions, please contact us! We’ll try to find a solution!

Products in promotion!

Until 20th August 2017 we’ll have these 3 products in promotion (visit our pre-order page):

Montecuccoli on the Raab – The first title in Montecuccoli Battle Series

Dego – The second title in Napoleon Small Battles

Dego (Deluxe Limited Edition) – A limited deluxe edition of Dego, with bigger counters, bigger map and an amazing cover by Keith Rocco! This product is available only in 100 copies!

So have fun with us and have a good play!


Newsletter (27th March 2017)

As promised, there are some hot news to be announced!

Cooperation with LudoLab

Aleph Game Studio will be in coproduction with LudoLab (games already published like Montenotte and San Fermo). The collaboration will be either in production of games designed by LudoLab and in playtesting new prototypes.


New titles in the pipeline

The collaboration with LudoLab brings in the pipeline 2 new titles, that will be in pre-order since May-June 2017 and published in November-December 2017 (hopefully):



Alongside with these 2 games, a third game will be in playtesting just by now:


During next month there will be more news and mostly some previews of the games (expecially Raab and Dego)

Pre-order system

April will be our final test for pre-orders on our site. There can be some offline time. Don’t worry, we’re working for you!

See you in April for our next newsletter!