What is the “Pre-order”
All games present on our site marked as “Pre-order” have not been produced yet. Pre-order allows us to produce games that our customers really want to buy. All the titles in this category are games that are already in an advanced stage of development. Unlike other companies we have decided to have in the “Pre-orders” only those games/titles which have a prototype version beforehand and have been play-tested several times already.

Why the “Pre-order”
“Pre-order” allows us to assess how much our game is liked but can also give us a production priority to a specific game against another one. We are truly convinced by the quality of our products, but at the same time we think that some of our judgements might be influenced by our personal tastes, and maybe those tastes don’t have the same response on the market.

How does the “Pre-order” work?
Once the game is available as “pre-order”, you decide if you want it. If you decide to do so, you order it by selecting your payment method (by Credit Card or bank transfer) and entering all your shipment information.  This phase gives only a future purchase intention, but you are in no way obliged to finalize the purchase.  During the pre-order phase, a game will have a discounted price compared to its catalogue price.


For each game there will be a level to reach in order to be produced. Once this level has been reached, the title will pass in a subsequent phase called “Development”. In this phase the game is completed with all those parts not made yet (such as graphic art, packaging, rulebook final edit, etc.).
This phase normally takes 1 month and once terminated we will announce a Date of Charge when the purchase intentions will be transformed in orders, and all the related costs (game + shipment) will be charged on the Credit Card or directly paid by the customer (based upon the method of payment selected).
The game then will move into the final phase: “Production”. Production will take approximately 2 months. It will be our responsibility to communicate for each product any possible change of estimated times. As soon as the game is available the last phase will start: “Shipment”.
If the level number of pre-orders is not reached for any reason, no money will be charged to you. However, you may cancel or modify your order anytime here on line until the Date of Charge.
We have been asked why we did not set the same level of pre-order for all the games. We believe that some games deserve to be produced anyway even though they have a smaller “market” compared to others. For this reason in our catalogue you will find games with different pre-order levels.
Within the pre-order phase, the reprint of out-of-stock games will be managed too.