Zuid Afrika


In the middle of the 19th century, the Boers had won the first Anglo-Boer war and managed to rescue themselves from the English rule, but their newborn Republics were unstable both politically and economically. Furthermore, there, remained a situation of great hostility against Great Britain. When immense diamond veins were discovered in Transvaal, the following decades (1860-1890) opened the way for a new economical and armed conflict.

Zuid Afrika (Those restless years) is a game for 1-4 players that traces the path that led South Africa to the Second Anglo-Boer war (the most dramatic one), which ended in 1902, after a long, fatiguing guerrilla warfare.

In Zuid Afrika (ZA), up to four players seek to influence the fate of South Africa. They are:

  1. the British (government of the Cape colony).
  2. the Natives, Bantu and older populations.
  3. the Boers heirs of the Dutch colonizers.
  4. the Uitlanders (literally foreigners) often technical and / or mining personnel, also discriminated like black labor men.

Each faction uses its forces or abilities to influence areas on the map, has its own victory goal, different from the others. The British seek military victory in addition to neutralizing anti-racist demonstrations. The Natives try to turn mining workers into guerrilla warfare and try to establish communities in territories. The Boers try to enlarge their resources and exchange them with weapons. The Uitlanders promote a cultural struggle against apartheid and act, above all, in the cities, seeking the favor of the population.

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