Red Shirts


Red Shirts is a military simulation of the Italian Campaign of 1860.
In 1859 the kingdom of Sardinia (and France) had acquired Lombardy and the Emilian Ducats, starting the process of national unification.
On 11th and 12th March 1860 the inhabitants of Tuscany and Emilia Romagna (Legations) voted to annex it to the Kingdom of Sardinia, accepted by Vittorio Emanuele. This unitary movement developed between ’59 and ’60 in northern Italy and culminating in the annexations, had strengthened the hopes of many Italian patriots, who dreamed of national independence.
In a two-player game, Red Shirts (RS) therefore simulates the final attempt to reunite the entire Italian territory with a player (Sardinia + Garibaldi) against a player from the Coalition (Due Sicilie and Papa / Austria). In four players each will try to make their own faction prevail: Sardegna, Garibaldi, Papa and Due Sicilie.