Newsletter (20th June 2018)

Welcome back everyone! After a few months of intense work, we’re back with some important updates about our ongoing productions.

But let’s take a step at a time and have a look at the two titles that will be available on pre-order very soon:


Our first title by the great Richard H. Berg is essentially ready!  By the end of June and the first days of July the pre-orders “campaign” will commence so you will have all the information about this title and a little sneak peek at some of  its components!
But for now, just take a look at the amazing cover picture created by
Jessica Prando:


Our first title inspired by the 18XX series is in its final art phase, so by the second-half of July we will start the pre-orders phase.

Take a look a our other future projects:


About this project, we are evaluating together with the authors several options for its publication. It is not an abandoned project, on the contrary, we strongly believe in this promising title!


After several intense playtests, the author decided to go back to work on the game system, so this title is going to take longer to publish.

We at Aleph, however, are not working only on the immediate present, but we have started to lay some foundations for other future projects! Let’s have a look at some of them:


Other than Baroque, The Glory that Was Greece and 1813 – Glory’s End, the will to co-operate with this author continues and we signed agreements for other two of his titles that will be produced in 2019 (or maybe even before!):
– Conquistador, 2nd Edition: a new edition of the SPI classic Conquistador;
– Magenta and Solferino, 2nd Edition (the two battles included inside Risorgimento 1859, by GMT).

THE teasER CORNER (part 1)

What we can tell you is that we are going to start an intense playtesting of some titles of a very famous French author from the past, who has decided to come back in the wargames production, but with a modern approach. Without spoiling anything more, we are going to start for the moment with:
– a series of titles, with a common set of rules, inspired by a videogame series;
– a title about the barbaric invasions in Europe, inspired by the legendary title Britannia.
There will be a third title in the pipeline, but it’s still too early to talk about this one… sorry!

THE teasER CORNER (part 2)

We are also organizing a playtesting of very, very interesting wargame by a very talented Italian author.
You should have already guessed something with all the information we gave to you guys, right? No? Well…

What can we say is to just keep in touch for the next news!

Happy gaming folks!