Newsletter (4th August 2017)

Hello everyone!

Aleph Game Studio will be closed (except for contacts and pre-orders) for summer holidays to freshen up our brains for new ideas/projects, but we cannot leave you all without some hot news… so you can play from September!


Distributors and Retailers who may want to get in touch with us for our products, please visit the distributors link on our web page.

Dego & Raab

This is a little status update for our first 2 products and remember: They are in promotion ‘til August the 20th!!!

Just a little reminder for next September:

  • On September the 2nd there will be a presentation of both titles during the “Ferrara Ad Pugnam” Convention, which will be held in Ferrara (Northern Italy);
  • On September the 4th all the pre-ordered titles will be finally sent to every customer!

Titles pre-orders status update:

Dego – 4 pre-orders (+2 pre-orders since last newsletter)

Dego Deluxe – 33 pre-orders (+16 pre-orders since last newsletter)

Montecuccoli on the Raab – 43 pre-orders (+20 pre-orders since last newsletter)


Aleph Game Studio will publish this title designed by Eletria Games! It is a great pleasure for us to have this opportunity to publish this beautiful game.  It is not a wargame, but an eurogame with a high interaction between players and very fast to play.


In the next September Issue there will be more news about the pre-order “campaign”!

Next in the pipeline (last, but not least)

Starting from next September we will work on these 3 new titles with the aim to publish them during 2018.



Enjoy your holidays!!!